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Giged Tong-Battung

e-Learning, Transnational and Distance Education Coordinator, St. Paul University Philippines


Giged Tong Battung is a Professor from St. Paul University – Tuguegarao. She will talk about Getting Results Done: Optimizing Open Source LMS for ePortfolio Management.


E-Portfolio provides an online facility for the students to set their learning goals and align them with the outcome of their chosen academic program. It provides a comprehensive online evidence-based documentation of the learning journey of the students and opportunities to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses from time to time to keep track with their progress. They can look back, revisit and review their past projects and experienced fulfillment in knowing their accomplishments and the extent of their improvement in achieving their goals. According to UNESCO(2011), these are the skills that can be used throughout a lifetime to participate in a learning society as a lifelong learner. Although many teachers who are using open source Learning Management System(LMS) would consider integrating e-Portfolio into it, very few would have the opportunity to do so. There are technical skills and interoperability issues involved to integrate e-portfolio system into the LMS that limit them for pursuing it. This paper explored the existing tools of Moodle to develop outcome based e-portfolio and assessed its effectiveness. Mixed methods were used to document, try-out and evaluate the processes. The research paper offers strategies for teachers and students who are using Moodle on how it can be optimized not only for instructional activities and assessment but as outcome based e- Portfolio. Moodle could be optimized and effciently used to prepare student and class e- portfolios thereby improving the attainment of the graduate outcomes of the students.


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